about future-fit

Business Benchmark
The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a means to operationalise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and gain recognition for the positive contribution you are making to society, through your company or your investments. For Investors, the Benchmark offers a means to identify those hard to find Positive Investments contributing towards the Regenerative Economy.
The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is built on 30 years of scientific research, originally emanating from Sweden, now practised globally by many pioneer leaders of the sustainability movement. Beyond traditional financial metrics, the Future-Fit Break-Even Goals and Positive Pursuits address everything from emissions to plastics, from water to ecosystems, from taxation to lobbying, from living wages to financial assets. Embedding the Future-Fit methodology will play a key role in protecting our shared humanity and the ecosystem services we all depend on.
The Future-Fit Foundation is developing free tools to enable companies, investors and advisers from any sectors to utilse the Benchmark. Their mission is to ensure that together, big or small, public or private, government or corporate, NGO or SME, investor or investee, we can ALL make the transition to a Future-Fit Society. Join the Movement.