High Value Crops

CoegaX will be the platform for the funding, establishment and operation of a sustainable modern agriculture business incorporating nut plantations, high value crops, and Agri-processing facilities.

Our seed investors support a strategy of ensuring that the business is responsive to the challenges of water, soil, climate change and job creation at the same time, generating strong economic returns.


Multiple stakeholders including local commercial farmers, co-operatives, communities, women, youth and disabled persons are being engaged in the process to empower, inspire and provide skills and knowledge on modern agriculture systems, whilst facilitating and assisting active participation of emerging and small holding farmers in the modern farming and Agri-processing economy.


Key to this project is the integration of small scale and emerging local farmers into modern high value more productive value agriculture value chains. Larger scale commercial farmers with their expertise and knowledge will underpin the success of the project. This model fundamentally addresses the allocation of investment into a more productive and less risky agricultural value chain, enables the inclusion of members of local communities to participate as small and emerging farmers as well as employees and consumers thereby uplifting the local economies.


  • Nomvula Phangisa October 13, 2019 1:43 am

    Is Forus ever going to look into projects in other provinces in the future?

    Only individuals are allowed to be Mavens?

    Can you suggest or propose projects on the Maven platform?

    Apart from the proof of payment you will have, will you receive some firm membership no or certificate as a Maven?

    Are the Mavin projects only going to be activated once the target number is achieved?

    As a Mavin are you ever going to know or meet the other Mavins?

    As a Mavin do you access to information about how many Mavins do you have so far?

    When you finally reach the target number, are you going to officially launch the Mavin activation process or function?

    As a Mavin are you limited to one project financial assistance and amount?

    As a Mavin, do you have access to business and financial models to make sure your project or business succeeds.

    Do you think it makes sense for students to be expected to pay the same amount to be a Mavin?

    Does Forus benefit from the profits created through the Mavin funding model or platform ?

    How would one know that the money paid to become a Mavin has been received and processed.

    One question that might be asked by a potential Mavin is where you are based and how you operate and if you are contactable?

    The joining fee to be a Mavin member is 16$ regardless of the exchange rate?

    How long are you expected to pay the joining fee after the firm has been completed?

    As a Mavin will you be informed of all the activities around the Mavin Projects?

    Is it a requirement to get other Mavins to join as a member?

    Is this platform the only way of attracting other potential members?

    How much power do you have regarding which projects and members are suitable or not?

    How long do you have to be a member to participate in choosing the right projects ?

    Does it make sense for more than one member of the family to be a Mavin and what are the benefits if there is more than one family member you be a Mavin?

    In case of death or no longer fit enough to participate, what happens to the membership ?

  • Nomvula Phangisa October 13, 2019 7:49 am

    It is an honor to be part of a change that the world has been waiting for.

    I am inn a 100%

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