Sunshine Bio Industries

South Africa is waking up to the huge Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis market opportunity.
We have created a hub and spoke ecosystem to facilitate early activation and onboarding of key stakeholders who are players in the space. The hub centres around Sunshine Industries and CoegaX, Coega Development Corporation and the FORUS Foundation.

The Digital platform enables the spoke, everyone is accommodated and ensures a virtuous economic system. We are planning to house the Sunshine Bio Industries Centre of Excellence on the Coega Development Corporation IDZ. This facility will export organic, all health and GMP certified cannabis oil and distillates.

Sunshine Bio Industry will reclaim the heritage of the Eastern Cape, in conjunction with public and private partners. We are going to be Agri processing ever larger amounts of biomass. We provide grow facilities, process facilities, research and development, and are partnering with commercial partners in collaboration with universities locally and globally and in conjunction with the ministry of health. We have secured key global knowledge experts and top local scientists to work on this project and will soon have an extraction process that is the biggest in the country. This represents a massive opportunity in the pharma and cosmetics industry both locally and internationally.

We will be auctioning our oil on the CoegaX platform. This facilitates a value chain where everyone is sharing. The platform enables a co-operative sharing model which ensures the growers are beneficiated throughout the processing and full supply chain, this is achieved through a combination of farm gate plus share of the upstream value adds with transparent scales of pricing.